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Field Positions

Boys Field Positions:  played by 10 players on each team. This includes 1 goalie, 3 defensemen, 3 midfielders, and 3 attackmen. Each team must keep at least 4 players, including the goalie, in its defensive half of the field and 3 players in the offensive half at all times. The 3 midfielders may roam the entire field. 

  1. Attack. In lacrosse, the primary responsibility of the attackmen is to score goals. Generally speaking, this is the only lacrosse position that is assigned to the offensive side of the field only. During a lacrosse game, there are always three attackmen on the field at all times.
  2. Midfield. Another lacrosse position is midfield. You have to have great stamina to be a midfielder because you have to cover both the offensive and defensive sides of the field. In most cases, the midfielder is on the field to get the ball from the defensive side to the offensive side of the field so that the attackmen can score a goal. Like the attack lacrosse position, there are always three midfielders on the field at all times.
  3. Defense. One of the most important lacrosse positions is defense. Of course, as you would expect, the defenseman is on the field to prevent the opposing team's offensive players from scoring a goal. Defensemen will stay on the defensive side of the field at all times and will typically guard the midfielders. There are also three defensemen on the lacrosse field.
  4. Goalie. The final lacrosse position is the goalie. Each team will have a goalie on the field at all times. The goalie only has one job and that job is to prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal. Being a lacrosse goalie can be very difficult because it is absolutely essential that you be quick, agile and have perfect hand/eye coordination to block shots.

Girls Field Positions:   Generally, a team has four attackers, four close defenders, and three midfielders. There is a restraining line that keeps the four defensive players (plus the goalie) from going into the attack, or four attackers from going into the defensive zone. If those players cross the line and participate in the play, they are considered offside and a major foul is called.   In the women’s game, there are 12 players on the field — offensive players (first home, second home, third home, and two attack wings) and defensive players (center, two defensive wings, point, cover point, third man, and goalie).


  • First Home
    The first home's responsibility is to score. Located in front of the goal, the first home must continually cut toward the goal for a shot, or cut away from the goal to make room for another player. She should have excellent stickwork.

  • Second Home
    The second home is considered the playmaker. She should be able to shoot well from every angle and distance from the goal.

  • Third Home
    The third home's responsibility is to transition the ball from defense to attack. She should be able to feed the ball to other players and fill in wing areas.

  • Two Attack Wings
    The wings are also responsible for transitioning the ball from defense to attack. Wings should have speed and endurance and be ready to receive the ball from the defense and run or pass the ball.
  •  Center
    The center's responsibility is to control the draw and play both defense and attack. She should have speed and endurance.
  • Point
    The point's responsibility is to mark first home. She should be able to stick check, body check and look to intercept passes.
  • Coverpoint
    The coverpoint's responsibility is to mark second home. She should be able to receive clears, run fast and have good footwork.
  • Third Man
    The third man's responsibility is to mark third home. She should be able to intercept passes, clear the ball, run fast and have good footwork.
  • Two Defense Wings
    The wings are responsible for marking the attack wings and bringing the ball into the attack area. Wings should have speed and endurance.
  • Goalkeeper
    The goalkeeper's responsibility is to protect the goal. She should have good stickwork, courage and confidence.

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