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Required Equipment

All field players shall have
(1) A lacrosse helmet that meets NOCSAE ND041 at the time of manufacture and has a permanent, replica of the NOCSAE lacrosse seal appearing legibly on the exterior of the helmet shell
(2) An Intra-oral mouth protector (mouth piece)
(3) Protective gloves designed for boy’s lacrosse
(4) Shoulder pads designed for boy’s lacrosse********
(5) Athletic cleats or athletic shoes
(6) Arm pads designed for lacrosse
(7) Athletic protective cup

********Beginning in January 2022, all field players in boys lacrosse must wear protection for commotio cordis that also meets the  NOCSAE performance standard and contain an SEI certification mark.

(1) Eyewear designed for girl's lacrosse
(2) An intra-oral mouth protector (mouth piece)

Crosse specifications for Boys-
Starting in 2018 the new head specifications are:
(1) The head of the crosse at its widest point shall measure a minimum of 6 inches and a minimum of 10 inches from the top of the crosse head to bottom of the wall. Both NFHS and NCAA stick specifications are legal for youth lacrosse
(2) Any laces or stings must be located within 4 inches of the  top of the crosse head
(3) Any strings or leathers hanging off the crosse must measure 2 inches or less
(4) The head of the crosse at its narrowest point (throat) shall measure no less than 3 inches

Although the new crosse specifications are only required starting at the High School level, it is recommended that youth Boy's follow the same guidelines.  The wider throat allows for easier catching, scooping and passing.

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